Pro Drive

Pro Drive

Pro Drive

Pro Drive is located at PIR and offers a racing school in Spec Racer Fords as well as High Performance driving instruction in your car.  There is also inclement weather driving instruction using the Pro Drive skid cars. There is a full menu of offerings that will fit your interests and needs from newly licensed street driver to veteran racing driver.  For more information go to and call 503-285-4449 today.

Open test/school: CANCELLED March 27

2-day Racing School: CANCELLED April 14 & 15 rescheduled to June 9 & 10

High Performance Driving School: CANCELLED May 12

Open Road Racing/Race Car test day: CANCELLED May 15

High Performance Driving School: CANCELLED June 2

High Performance Driving School: July 14

3-day Racing School: July 20 - 22

High Performance Driving School: July 28

Open Road Racing/Race Car test day: August 6

High Performance Driving School: August 11

3-Day Racing School: August 17-19

Open Road Racing/Race Car test day: September 18

High Performance Driving School: September 22

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