Put Your Car on the Track

Put your car on the track

There are a thousand ways to get into racing. And a thousand different disciplines, from drag racing to motocross to sports car racing.

For a road racer, one of the best ways is to get into karting. It’s demanding, and yet relatively inexpensive. Portland Karting Association is a good contact.  For road racing cars, the Sports Car Club of America, and Cascade Sports Car Club both have intro programs, as does the Pro Drive racing school here at PIR. One good place to start is this website: www.safeisfast.com.

Best way to put your street car on track is through a car club event or the racing school, Pro Drive.

There are lots of club days, and you don't need to belong to a particular club to join in. For your fee (they vary, but plan on $250-$350) you will get a 20 minute session each hour, which is enough to exhaust you. Clubs handle their own registration, and a list of clubs and their contact info is under the CONTACT heading on our home page.

Want a track day that will make you feel like a VIP?  Pro Drive offers one day high performance track days for drivers of all levels of experience.  Have a blast speeding around the track with a professional instructor giving you valuable insight on your driving techniques.  Schedule today! www.prodrive.net  Use coupon code PIRsaves and save $100 off the regular price (date must be chosen to receive your discount).

You can drag race for fun, or for points and purse. On Wednesday evenings the ET drag program is run eighth-mile in several classes using the bracket racing system, where you dial in predicted time, as does your opponent, giving one of you a handicap. Races are often won with great reaction times at the start. Racing Wednesday will get you a couple of test passes, then into eliminations, which means you might get knocked out in the first round, or keep winning all the way to the end. It’s up to you.  And yes, there is always a bracket for the "lovable losers" too.

Friday and Saturday evening is grudge racing on the quarter-mile at Late Night drags. No points, no purse, no eliminations, just bragging rights.

In either case you will go through tech inspection before racing, but for most cars it just makes sure you are safe (battery tie-down, non-cracked windshield, belts, etc.)

The crew is quite helpful, so don’t be intimidated. Come out and enjoy.

Motorcycle track days are handled by the various promoters (OMRRA, Motocorsa), and you can find links to their websites on the club contact list or check our calendar.

Typically you will be put in a group that fits your skill level, often with instruction. Best to check with the club on their own rules.

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