Three nights a week, drag racers fill the paddock, lining up in pairs to see who is the fastest down the strip. Wednesday night is the NHRA Summit Series 1/8 mile bracket races, for points and purse, in an exciting weekly series that runs from March through October. Friday and Saturday nights is the 1/4 mile Late Night Drags, where you can put your car on the track and practice your skills, race your friends or just sample the world of drag racing.

NHRA E.T. Drags-Wednesdays

ET drag racing on the 1/8th mile. Race for points and purse, with a chance to win a track championship and represent PIR at the divisional finals. Classes from Juniors to Super Pro every week, with points and purse. 
$10 admission, $5 for children 6-12, free under 6.  From $35 to $55 to race depending on class. Gates open at 4 p.m. with first timed runs around 4:45, eliminations around 7 p.m. Racing continues until the finals are complete for each class or 10:00 pm.  Whichever comes first.
ET Drags run weekly on Wednesdays (Check PIR Calendar). This is great bracket racing, with competitors dialing in a time. This means staggered starts and always close finishes at the top end.
103 db limit

Late Night Drags-Friday and Saturday

The PIR Late Night Drags continue to be the place to put your car on the track in a safe environment. Don't race on the street, race at PIR. It's grudge racing all night long. Bring your car and make as many runs as you want throughout the evening.

Admission is $10, $5 for children 6-12, free under 6. A tech card to race is $40. Racing continues until 10:00 p.m.
Running weekly on some Fridays and Saturdays, starting date will be April 12th & 13th  through Mid- October. Check calendar as some weekends do not have Drags. Gates open at 5:30 p.m.

Drag Racing Frequently asked questions

Why can't we race in the rain?
The track surface becomes slick and at high rates of speeds traction is compromised significantly.

What are the most commonly looked at items when getting my car Tech inspected?
Battery hold downs, overflow for radiator and helmets when required.  Helmets are required on any open top vehicle (see below for more on helmets).  Such as a open top Jeep or a convertible.

At what point is a helmet required relating to speed?
Helmets are required on vehicles reaching Elapsed times of 13.99 and faster in the ¼ mile.   And 8.69 in the 1/8 mile.  Helmets must be Snell 2015 or SFI 31.1/2015, SFI 24.1/2015 or SFI 41.1/2015 or newer Snell rated helmet.

What can I do as a driver to improve my reaction time?
Stage your vehicle by braking the pre-stage then the stage beams.  When the tree is activated three amber lights will light, one after the other.  Drivers should leave on the last amber and not on the green.  If you wait for the green light you have waited too long.  A perfect light is .500.

How do I read my time slip?
 Your time slip shows the following.
Reaction time - how quickly you reacted to the green light on the starting tree.
Just that time at 60' 330' and 1000' feet out from the tree.  Many drivers look most at those times to see if their car is on a good pass.
1/8 mile Elapsed Time and MPH
¼ mile Elapsed Time and MPH

What does the term ET racing mean?
ET racing refers to side by side handicap racing.  The driver will make passes in the vehicle to find out what time they most consistently run and indicate the predicted ET (dial in time) to the timing tower by writing it on the drivers side window.  The racer will race in the class that matches the dial in time indicated.  Then the driver will race its opponent in elimination rounds.  The dial in marked on the window is entered into the computer to activate the tree with the handicap.  Both drivers will cross the finish line side by side regardless of how fast the car can run.

When I look at my time slip what is most important to look at?
The most important thing is that your vehicle has consistent Elapsed Times after each pass.

What are the time breaks at which I need additional safety equipment?

Fire jackets are required at (7.35) 1/8mi. (11.49) 1/4mi.  SFI 3.2A/1
Roll Bar is required at (7.35) 1/8mi. (11.49) 1/4mi. or pre 2008 stock production car
Roll cage is required at (135mph) (convertibles) or (6.99) 1/8mi. (10.99) 1/4mi. 
NHRA licenses at  (6.39) 1/8mi.  (9.99) 1/4mi.  or 135mph
5 point safety harness (7.35) 1/8mi.  (11.49)  1/4mi.   SFI 1.1/1.2

What is the age requirement for racing?
Drivers must be 18 or older or have a signed consent form from a parent or guardian. The form is available in the forms and links section below. REMEMBER: THIS FORM MUST BE NOTARIZED! A valid drivers license is required.

Where can I get more information?
Drag race school handouts are available at the track on race days.  The handout explains in more detail things mentioned above. 

What is the rain out policy?

In the event of a rain out the following rules apply.  Due to unexpected weather conditions or other occurrence halts racing beyond PIR Dragstrip control the following Rain out Policy has been in full effect since March 2004.

If weather conditions or other occurrence halts racing and is unsafe to race at PIR Dragstrip and there has not been one round of time trials completed, a full rain check will be issued for Tech Cards only.

If one round or more of Qualifying/Time Trials have been completed and PIR Dragstrip finds it unsafe to continue racing it will be considered a Test N Tune day and 1pt for tech card will be awarded. There will be no payout and a Test N Tune fee of $35.00 only will be charged.

If rain or other occurrence halts racing after the first round of eliminations for your class, points will be awarded to that point and payout will divided among the remaining racers.

Rainout list for discount, will be held for two (2) subsequent races.

Are passengers allowed at Late Night Drags on Fridays and Saturdays?

Conditionally yes. The vehicle must run 1/4 mile time of 14 seconds or slower and passenger must have the same safety equipment as the driver.  You must come to the tower with the passenger, be approved by the Drag Racing Manager, sign waivers, arrange to have your car inspected and be entered in to the scoring system as having a passenger.

Drag racing forms and links

Minor Release Forms (pdf) THIS FORM MUST BE NOTARIZED!

Some sites that support drag racing at PIR include:
Points:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057487718759 
ET Drag Racing News, and specific Schedule for ET Racers
PIR Drag Racing History

Is there a question we didn't answer? Call PIR Drag Racing Manager, Pete Macias, at (503) 740-6357. Or E-mail him at pmaciaspir@yahoo.com  You can also call the track manager, Ron Huegli at 971-930-6760

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