Car Clubs

Car Clubs

Car Club Track Days

The best way to put your car on track is through a car club high performance driving day. Expect to get 20 minutes on track each hour. Remember, this isn't racing, so passing is only allowed in designated areas, determined by each club. Here are the 2015 car club event days. Go to the Contact section to find links to the club you want and contact them for registration:

Cascade Sports Car Club: March 14

Hooked on Driving: March 18

Alfa Club: March 28

BMW Club: April 30

Cascade Sports Car Club: May 1-3

Hooked on Driving: May 21

BMW Club: June 4

Cascade Sports Car Club: June 5-7

Pro Drive High Performance Day: June 23

Hooked on Driving: June 25

Pro Drive High Performance Day: July 14

Hooked on Driving: July 16

Pro Drive High Performance Day: August 3

BMW Club: August 6

Cascade Sports Car Club: August 21-23

Pro Drive High Performance Day: August 25

Hooked on Driving: September 3

Lotus Club: September 4

BMW Club: September 10

Cascade Sports Car Club: September 26

Cascade Sports Car Club: October 17

Alfa Club: October 24

Audi Club: November 7-8

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