Motocycle Track Days and Race Weekends

If you feel the need for speed, bring your motorcycle out to PIR for a motorcycle track day. Several groups offer you the chance to learn about the right way to go fast safely on your two-wheeled rocket ship. Pick the event you are interested in, then go to the calendar day to find links to registration.

2Fast Track Day - OMRRA New Racer School: April 17

OMRRA race weekend: April 18-19

Motocorsa Track Day: April 20

2-FAST Track Day: May 8

OMRRA race weekend: May 9-10

Motocorsa Track Day: May 18

Motocorsa Track Day: June 15

Pacific Super Sport Riders: June 19

2-FAST Track Day: June 26

OMRRA race weekend: June 27-28

Motocorsa Track Day: July 13

Pacific Super Sport Riders: July 18

2-FAST Track Day: July 24

OMRRA race weekend: July 25-26

Motocorsa: August 11

2-FAST Track Day: August 14

OMRRA race weekend: August 15-16

Motocorsa: August 17

Motocorsa: August 31

Motocorsa: September 7

2-FAST Track Day: September 18

OMRRA race weekend: September 19-20

Pacific Super Sport Riders: September 25

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